Steven Fladung – The Smoky Sunrise

On January 25, 2014 by Paul

IMG_3742Brunch cocktails can be so uninspired. At most breakfast places that offer cocktails, it can feel like the same cocktail is being offered again and again.

However, in the hands of a couple Charlie Trotter vets, and the cocktails get profoundly more interesting. This was an odd shoot as service was just winding down and I was also experimenting with a new light. Poor Steve was blinded during the interview portion of the shoot, but he handed it like a champ.

For the brunch-loving Chicagoan, there are many options to choose from in the city. There are the neighborhood joints, the 24-hour restaurants, or the insanely popular places that have, inexplicably, a two-hour wait. Despite all of these different options, the brunch experience is very similar from place to place.

At first glance, the menu at 2 Sparrows looks like very typical brunch fair. There are the ubiquitous brunch-place items like eggs benedict, or buttermilk pancakes. However, as you look into the items, you discover that the eggs benedict is prepared tableside and the pancakes are served with a hot buttered rum sauce. Not so typical anymore.

Then there is the interesting “pop tart” section with items like “Strawberry and Balsamic” or “Foie Gras and Cherry” pop tarts. Last we checked, those flavors weren’t available out of box.
It’s with that the Foie Gras pop tart that our profiled cocktail comes today. Chef Gregory Ellis (formerly at Charlie Trotters and La Paloma in Tucson, Arizona) had left over cherry juice from the cherry compote used in the pop tart. That gave an idea to General Manager/Beverage Director Steven Fladung (Charlie Trotters, L20, Ria) to use it on a riff of a Tequila Sunrise.

Charlie Trotters, L20, and Ria aren’t the restaurant names you typically associate with a brunch place. However, it is that fine dining approach both in service and cuisine (don’t worry, jackets not required here!) that really sets 2 Sparrows apart from the rest.

Smoky Sunrise
1.5 ounces Espelon Blanco Tequila
0.5 ounce Sombra Mezcal
1 ounce Cherry Syrup
0.5 ounce Orange Marmalade Syrup
Freshly squeezed orange juice

Add all ingredients (except orange juice) to shaker tin, add ice and shake. Strain into an ice filled Collins glass. Top with orange juice.

Steve-2 Sparrows from Chicago Cocktail Chronicles on Vimeo.

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