Alex Renshaw – Yesterday’s Gone

On February 6, 2014 by Paul


Alex is really a fantastic bartender and a real gem in the Chicago bar community. He is always there to answer questions and to be a genuine host. In the short time that I have been covering the community, I have watched him go from bartender (at Sable) to head bartender at drumBAR to being a true mentor. I can’t wait to see what is next for him.

One of the aspects of cocktail making that bartenders need to be cognizant of is the seasonal appropriateness in the cocktails they offer.

For instance, the thought of having a Tom and Jerry cocktail (bourbon, milk, and a fluffy meringue batter) on a hot summer day would make most customers turn around and leave. Similarly, a bright refreshing cocktail that utilizes market-fresh berries would be out-of-place when the weather is below freezing outside.
Alex Renshaw recently took over the bar program at drumBAR and in addition to classic cocktails, he has added ten original cocktails that are focused on seasonality.

In today’s video, Renshaw demonstrates The Yesterday’s Gone cocktail. It is a perfect summer leading into fall cocktail. There is some of the summer brightness in the lime and bitters, but gets the fall richness from the rum and sherry.
Of course, this being Chicago, the seasons can be different from hour to hour on any given day. Renshaw and his fellow bartenders are ready, though, to make the last minute adjustments so you can have the perfect, seasonal cocktail.

Yesterday’s Gone
1.5 ounces Atlantic Reserva Rum
0.75 ounce Lustau East India Sherry
0.5 ounce Cinnamon Syrup
0.75 ounce Lime juice
1 egg white
3-5 drops Fees Aztec Chocolate bitters

Add first five ingredients to a mixing glass and dry shake.
Add ice. Shake and fine strain.
Add the bitters to the top of the cocktail.

Alex Renshaw (DrumBAR) – Yesterday’s Gone Cocktail from Chicago Cocktail Chronicles on Vimeo.

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