25. 01. 2014

Steven Fladung – The Smoky Sunrise

Brunch cocktails can be so uninspired. At most breakfast places that offer cocktails, it can feel like the same cocktail is being offered again and again. However, in the hands of a couple...

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27. 12. 2013
The Devil's Claim Cocktail

Tippling Brothers – Kegged Cocktails and the Devil’s Claim Cocktail

I could have talked to Paul and Tad all day about their ideas behind cocktail making. They were extremely patient with me and absolute pros with discussing things. This has been my longest...

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10. 09. 2013

What Would Paul Sauter Do?

While I was down at Tales of the Cocktail, I saw bracelets being worn by Chicago bartenders that said “WWPSD”. I found out soon enough that it stood for “What Would Paul Sauter...

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03. 09. 2013
The Make it Sing at Boka

Benjamin Schiller – Make it Sing

I was a little nervous walking into my shoot with Benjamin Schiller. At the time Violet Hour, Drawing Room, and Whistler were starting the craft cocktail movement in Chicago, Schiller was educating himself...

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12. 08. 2013

Nick Smith – Tarts and Vicars

I did this piece on Nick Smith for the Chicagoist in April of this past year and in July, it shuttered it’s doors (no coincidence, I’m sure). The space has been troubled for...

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06. 07. 2013

Thomas Mooneyham – Celestial Madonna

When I walk into a shoot, I let the conversation guide me into what the focus will be on in the video. For this particular shoot, I went into it with a specific...

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30. 05. 2013
Hirsch Gupta Cocktail at Rebar

Joel Rund – Hirsch Gupta

The shoot for Rebar was a lot of firsts: It was the first one where my wife accompanied me (we had stayed in the city the night before) and it was also the...

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02. 05. 2013

Steve McDonagh – Blood and Sand

I was intimidated going in to see Steve at Hearty. I knew that he and his partner, Dan Smith, were Food Network stars and for me to bring in my rinky-dink camera and...

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23. 04. 2013
Josh Pearson

Congratulations Josh!

The story has already been told about how my love for cocktails and even this blog wouldn’t have started if it weren’t for the insights and opportunity given to me from Josh Pearson....

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22. 04. 2013

Eric Henry – Shrinebuilder

I am very fortunate to taste the cocktails that are being made in these videos. All of them are delicious and I really learn so much from watching them. However, The Shrinebuilder was...

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