01. 04. 2013

Tom Hogan-The Foreigner

In a city filled with friendly bartenders, Tom is one of the nicest of the bunch. Quiet and reserved with a great sense of humor, he personifies the general motto at the Waldorf-Astoria:...

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28. 03. 2013

Clint Rogers – Henri Presse

There is a quiet oasis on Michigan Avenue between Madison and Monroe streets. It isn’t the Crown Fountain, although, there are some that find the changing faces on the screens relaxing. Instead, the...

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28. 03. 2013
Black Betty Cocktail

Jenny Kessler – Black Betty Cocktail

Most people associate tequila with bleary nights involving salt and the sucking of limes. Others envision a fluorescent-green Margarita that is served from a whirring machine into a huge glass. But tequila can...

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27. 02. 2013
The Get Yourself Gotten Cocktail

Bill Anderson – Get Yourself Gotten

Very few bartenders become skilled bartenders overnight. Most have gone through years of grunt work as bar-backs: lugging ice up staircases, juicing cases of citrus daily and cleaning glasses and tools for head...

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13. 01. 2013

Dan Andruss – Barrel-Aged Boulevardier

This was a fun shoot since I was not really aware of the program at 312 Chicago. However, what they are doing, both in cuisine and especially the bar, is great to see....

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13. 01. 2013

Small Bar Division – Autumn Jam Cocktail

This post is one that I wish would get more views on Chicagoist. The work that Craig Hiljus, Chef Justin White, and Phil McFarland (Owner-Operator) are doing at SmallBar-Division is quite extraordinary. Their...

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13. 01. 2013
Brad Bolt's, un-named cocktail that we call the "Harder Sell"

Brad Bolt-The “Harder” Sell

There has been some time since my last post but it isn’t because I haven’t been doing any videos. I am excited to report that I have been asked to join Chicagoist to...

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16. 09. 2012

Danny Shapiro-Brew’s Crew

When I first moved to Chicago to attend the University of Illinois at Chicago, I would spend weekends hitting up alternative theaters like the Neo-Futurists and their  show, Too Much Light Makes the...

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04. 09. 2012

Danny Shapiro-Veranda Way

With my various work and familial commitments, I don’t get as many opportunities to hit up the cocktail spots in Chicago as I would like.  When I visit, it is usually tied to...

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10. 08. 2012
R&R Smash

Josh Pearson – R&R Smash

This is where it all started. This is the spot where I had an epiphany on what a cocktail was supposed to be like. It was here where I learned how a cocktail,...

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